Day 1 – Family: Friends for Life


"…as life goes on, as hard as it is to realize, people move away, start their own families, and get busier.  We felt the main relationships we could count on in life were with our family.  We’ve told our children many times, ‘When the day is done, people come and go, but we always have each other.  In our family, we will be best friends.’  To this day, our kids feel more comfortable with each other than with anybody else on the planet.  Because we valued their relationships, they valued their relationships.  Things like daily meals, games, praying for one another, resolving conflicts, and being on mission together created a family that truly enjoys one another.”

- Jimmy Seibert, Parenting Without Regret


Chances are certain words come to your mind when you think about your family.  Spiritual? Fun?  Disconnected? Imperfect?  Whatever the words are, one thing is for certain, families who consider one another as best friends don’t just happen.  It takes daily commitment and intentionality. 

There are some activities you can implement as a family, whether young or old kids, that aid in making home a place where your kids want to be.  Game nights are a simple activity every family can do.  If you want to know where to start, download our “seven suggestions for family game night” below.



BONUS: 10 Family Activities that Foster Friendship

These Ten Family Activities provide you as a parent with an immediate arsenal of activities to foster friendship in your home!  Gathering together is step one, but this takes care of step two: easy, doable, and intentional family activities.



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