7-DAYS of Parenting Without Regret

IN THIS 7-DAY MINI-COURSE, Jimmy and Laura Seibert unpack some of the biggest challenges facing Christian parents today including:

  • Imparting identity
  • Protecting purity
  • Teaching your kids to follow Jesus
  • Family: Friends for Life
  • Training your kids to obey

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Why We Wrote this Book

Family Friends for Life

Placing Identity on Your Kids

Following Jesus Along the Way


Protecting Purity

Training Kids to Obey

Your Kids and their Friends

Connecting them to God


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Bonus: Three Essential Ingredients for a Fruitful Family Night

Planning a life-giving family night can be challenging. 
We’ve put together this simple infographic to give you
ideas on how to incorporate these 3 important
elements into your next family night!


Parenting Without Regret: Raising Kids with Purpose, Not Perfection
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Also available for purchase is Tools for Taking Action, a companion guide for Parenting Without Regret!